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Opening Address – Sustainable Procurement Pledge and CIPS

Introduction by Malcolm Harrison, CEO, CIPS

Oliver Hurrey, Chair, The Sustainable Procurement Pledge


Creating a Culture for Sustainability

  • Creating a culture that reflects your sustainable business practices and an engaged ESG strategy that you live and breath
  • Leading sustainability agenda – what are your ambitions and identity and filtering this through to your team in everyday decision-making
  • Implementing an authentic vision that is  relevant for your business

Imran Rasul, Chief Procurement Officer, Nationwide


Fireside Chat – How to meet corporate sustainability goals through responsible sourcing?

  • Identifying the company’s sustainability priorities
  • How corporate sustainability goals inspired change in procurement strategies
  • Identifying and prioritising goals that can be expedited by responsible procurement – Scope Three, energy transition targets and CO2 footprint, other ESG goals
  • Bridging the gap between sustainability awareness and procurement practice

Lazar Armianov, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa, EcoVadis

David Deakin, Chief Procurement Officer, Rolls Royce


 10:30              Morning Coffee and networking break


Case Study: Aspiration to reality – Educating and supporting suppliers of all abilities on your sustainable journey

70% of the supply base are SME’s with little or no knowledge of how to tackle sustainability, or even the resources.  Foodbuy have immersed themselves in this space to help understand how they can better support their suppliers on their journey. One way of addressing this is through a BIOHUB program they have launched in conjunction with Levy and Yorkshire Water, focused on farmers.

  • Defining regenerative agriculture
  • Addressing the challenges of driving regenerative agricultural practices in different locations and across different crops
  • Educating and building understanding – what you can do to support farmers to achieve sustainability and regeneration targets
  • How regenerative agriculture can deliver benefits for communities and the planet

Anne Simonnet, Head of Sustainability and Compliance, Foodbuy


Interactive lab session: Develop best practice for measuring and reporting on sustainable procurement

  • The importance of setting and aligning metrics across the supply chain from your customers to your suppliers 
  • Business and technology innovations that encourage ownership of sustainability targets throughout your supply chain
  • Accurate and transparent reporting strategies that reassure your customers and investors of your commitment to sustainability

Will Saddington, Director, Deloitte


Lightning Talks: 10:10:10 sessions 3 short presentations followed by discussion  and Q&A

Creating transparency on carbon footprint across your supply chain – How to confidently measure and set realistic targets
  • What ambiguity and unknowns are there around measuring?
  • Calculating the volume of Scope Three and Scope One emissions and how they impact the company’s sustainability targets
  • Understanding the emissions in your supply chain you can influence
  • Applying a sustainability lens to different procurement categories, whilst retaining a positive impact on traditional business drivers – cost, efficiency, compliance
  • Addressing the challenges of tracking carbon emissions across large value-chains
  • The importance of working with suppliers to meet sustainability goals

Clare Jones, Group Procurement Director, Mace Group

Lucy Pickett, Global Procurement Sustainability Manager, Roche

Paul Gardner, Chief Procurement Officer, Mars Pet Nutrition

Andy Chivers, Head of Procurement, Boots UK



CIPS Sustainable Procurement Survey

There will be interactive poll points throughout the day to deep dive into the most crucial issues senior procurement professionals are facing. The results will be displayed live as well as collated and shared as a report to all delegates after the event.


13:00              Networking lunch


Roundtable discussions

What will drive your business to success along the sustainability journey? Share experiences, gain a wider perspective, challenge ideas and develop strategies to lead your team through in-depth discussions on key sustainability issues. An expert in the field will lead and moderate the discussion and you will have the option to move after 20 minutes so you can focus on 2 of the below topics during this session:

  1. Creating diversity in your supply chain
    Duncan Brock, Group Customer Relationship Director, CIPS
  2. Building a sustainable culture
    Emma Scott, Group Head of Content Strategy, CIPS
  3. Influencing upstream and downstream
    Ralph Fiebig, Director, Workday
  4. Data and technology tools for supporting sustainability
    Graham Copeland, Director, GEP
    Julian Trent, Vice President, GEP
  5. Educating your customers
    Mike Tournier, Carbon Reduction SME, Achilles
  6. Seeking collaborative opportunities
    Louise Herring, Executive Director, AIM Progress


Interactive lab session: Setting sustainable and meaningful sustainable procurement targets

  • Tailoring sustainable targets to your supply chains, considering the market and geographical span
  •  Setting meaningful short and long term goals
  • Using a science-based targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Identifying external points of reference that can help you form appropriate sustainability targets

Mike Tournier, Carbon Reduction SME, Achilles

15.30           Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break


Tech talks: Technology innovations that boost sustainable procurement

  • Innovations in sustainable procurement that are informing decision-making in a meaningful way
  • The importance of data in improving visibility of sustainability practices and outcomes across your entire supply chain
  • Identifying the tools that will best produce a detailed appreciation of the carbon footprint of your supply chain


How procurement as a profession can drive the future of sustainability



Closing remarks from the Chair

 Networking drinks


Chair’s opening remarks



Keynote: Macroeconomic context – can international supply chains achieve sustainability in a volatile landscape?

COP26 brought into sharp focus the role and actions of supply chain managers and procurement professionals in mitigating strategies and adapting to a changing climate.

With many countries setting out net-zero pledges what does this mean for global supply chains considering the disruptive political and economic landscape?

  • How can sustainability be achieved during volatile times?
  • Profitability vs sustainability – how can you keep the ESG agenda going when times are tough?
  • Aligning supply chain resilience with sustainability

    Dr. John Glen, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield School of Management


Fireside Chat: Procurement with Purpose: Collaborative opportunities that can drive sustainable procurement success

  • Importance of collaboration in driving sustainable procurement and why going it alone is not an option
  • Addressing the need for global standardisation of sustainable procurement practices  – when to do it and what should it look like?
  • How to encourage competitors to collaborate to improve sustainability across common supply chains
  • Educating and influencing the customer on sustainability


CIPS Sustainable Procurement Survey



Panel Discussion: The value of driving a supply chain diversity programme

  • How to buy social to build diversity, innovation and sustainability in your supply chain
  • Engaging with business partners for positive change
  • Opportunities for social procurement through engagement with social enterprises

 11:00              Morning Coffee and networking break


Promoting diversity and inclusion in your teams and supply chain

  • Facilitating and promoting diversity and inclusion in your teams and set it as a top priority in your business’s agenda
  • Sourcing decisions based on diversity and inclusion weighting
  • Tapping into new communities for talent to incorporate diversity
  • Creating leaders for a sustainable future through future leaders schemes

Stephen Day, Chief Procurement Officer, Kantar



CIPS Sustainable Procurement Survey


 12:20              Networking Lunch


Leveraging responsible procurement practices to create value for local economies and drive higher standards in sustainability

  • Developing and embedding clear social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain
  • Educating and persuading suppliers to come on your journey
  • Helping suppliers build their capabilities to meet the company’s goals in areas such as water, carbon and sustainable packaging


Tackling modern slavery and human rights issues across global supply chains

  • What are the best practises for reporting and implementation? 
  • Identifying and managing risks in SMEs and social enterprise sector organisations
  • Looking beyond compliance to implementing good governance to minimise the risk of labour abuses in supply chains

  • Contingency plans when modern slavery has been identified

Louise Herring, Executive Director, Aim-Progress

David Pettet, Global Human Rights & Sustainable Supply Chain Director, Reckitt Benckiser

Rob Harrison, Director, Ethical Consumer

Shayne Tyler, Director, Practical Ethics


Closing Keynote: Closing Keynote: How to execute Sustainability Commitments (A Case Study)

  • The situation – a lot of commitments!
  • Commitment governance process – before and after
  • Project commitment and prioritisation – before and after
  • Summary of lessons learned and impacts


Key takeaways, Chair’s Roundup and Closing Remarks


 15:20             Close of conference